January 2007 Newsletter

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   “¢ Revised Near-term Schedule Released – Havens
   “¢ Revised Near-term Schedule Released – PHS
   “¢ Findings from Engineering Analysis of Havens Presented
   “¢ Consulting Contracts
   “¢ Principals Speak to School Needs
   “¢ Televised Workshop on State Funding Scheduled March 12
   “¢ Future Public Engagement Meetings

The Program Management Team continues to pursue a multi-pronged strategy in developing a plan to address the seismic strengthening needs of PUSD facilities.murakami/Nelson is conducting the quantitative and cost analysis for Havens and PHS.Findings and recommendations for Havens will be presented in April.Public input and discussion of the recommendations will take place in early May.On May 23rd, the Board plans to provide direction to staff and consultants on which facility option to pursue at Havens Elementary School: 1) retrofit, 2) rebuild in- kind, or 3) redesign.In preparation for this decision, a revised near-term schedule with key milestones and dates has been released.


Revised Near-term Schedule Released – Havens
Program Manager, David Burke, released a near-term schedule that identifies the key milestones and proposed timeline that will be followed in order for the Board to be able to provide direction to staff and consultants at its May 23rd meeting. 

  • (2/14/07) Presentation of Tier II, Accessibility & Fire/Life Safety Reports
  • (4/25/07) Presentation of Facility Options & Costs
  • (5/7/07) Discussion of Facility Options (If Needed)
  • (5/9/07) Discussion of Facility Options
  • (5/23/07) Board Decision on Havens Facility Options

Mr.Burke explained that the soonest major construction might begin at Havens would be in June 2008, and clarified that this assumes the Board decided to pursue a “retrofit only” option on May 23rd.Should the Board decide on a rebuild option, the design time for the new buildings would result in construction starting sometime after the summer of 2008.

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Revised Near-term Schedule Released – PHS
Included in the schedule are milestones for the PHS project, which is next in line to be reviewed.Based on the findings presented, the Board will revisit potential short/long-term mitigation plans at the school site. 

  • (3/28/07) Presentation of Tier II, Accessibility & Fire/Life Safety Reports
  • (5/9/07) Revisit Short/Long-term Mitigation Options
  • (5/23/07) Presentation of Facility Options & Costs

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Findings from Engineering Analysis of Havens Presented
murakami/Nelson has completed a structural engineering evaluation and analysis of how targeted Havens buildings would perform in the event of a major earthquake on the North Hayward Fault.The Tier II analysis substantiates the preliminary findings.According to structural engineer, Ron Gallagher, “All three buildings do not meet the agreed upon ASCE 31 performance standards for life safety.The already vacated classroom wings of the main building have the most serious deficiencies.” A comprehensive report that incorporates seismic, accessibility and fire/life safety issues will be presented to the Board on February 14.A nonstructural hazard survey also was conducted.District officials and maintenance staff already are developing plans to address some of the high vulnerability items such as overhead glass and an emergency gas shut-off in the school.


Consulting Contracts
District staff and CPM continue to work closely with the Steering and Technical Advisory Committees in establishing contracts for scope and design, hazardous materials services, and peer review work.The contract negotiation process will be initiated on the following dates for the contracts noted:February 14

  • murakami/Nelson scope and fee for Beach and Wildwood Tier 2 report
  • murakami/Nelson scope and fee for design concepts for Havens
  • Peer review scopes and contracts (One for Havens, and one for PHS)
  • Hazmat services scope and contract

March 28

  • murakami/Nelson scope and fee for design concepts for PHS


Principals Speak to School Needs
Principals Tery Susman (elementary level) and Randall Booker (high school), presented consolidated findings from their school community discussions on the educational program needs of schools today.Common needs were identified in the following areas: 1) Curriculum Enhancements; 2) Improve Instructional Strategies; 3) Foster Greater Collaboration and Community; 4) Improve Student Services.Citizens offered thoughtful feedback to the presentation.

KCOM Schedule: 1/27-2/2 at noon and 6 pm

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Televised Workshop on State Funding Scheduled March 12
Citizens are invited to attend a Board Workshop on March 12, from 8 – 10 am, in the City Hall Council Chambers.Learn from Program Manager David Burke how state funds will come into play in addressing the seismic strengthening and modernization needs at each school site.The workshop will be televised live and re-broadcast on KCOM. 


Future Public Engagement Meetings
In conjunction with key decisions to be made by the Board in May, the Public Engagement Subcommittee is planning a number of school community meetings to solicit input, in addition to the time allotted for discussion at regular board meetings and board workshops.Actual meetings dates and times will be announced once available.

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