Piedmont High School

Piedmont High School is a mixture of buildings constructed between 1938 and 1996.Preliminary evaluations indicate that three out of the six buildings need seismic strengthening and accessibility improvements:

Building Year Recommended Improvements Project Status
30’s Building (Quad Classroom, Library, 30’s Classrooms) 1938
“¢ Strengthen column beam joints
“¢ Provide structural redundancy
“¢ Strengthen roof diaphragm connections
“¢ Door clearances, signage with Braille
“¢ Amphitheatre & gym seating, gym locker rooms, door hardware, landings, parking
3/24/08 Investigation and Analysis,
and Concept Design Final Report
for Three Priority Buildings
 (6 mb)

3/19/08 Combined Investigation & Concept Design Final Reports for Four Non-Priority Buildings (4 mb)

3/24/08 Combined Concept Design Cost Estimate for Three Priority Buildings & Four Non-Priority Buildings (500kB)

Alan Harvey Theatre 1975 “¢  Strengthen column beam joints 
“¢  Provide structural redundancy 
“¢  Improve roof diaphragm 
“¢  Seating, bathroom, and stage, assistive listening device, railing and stairs
Student Center 1938 “¢  Reduce window openings 
“¢  Modify non-ductile detailing such as truss-wall joints 
“¢  Front entrance access, service counter, pedestrian control, kitchen, and staff bathroom
Maintenance n/a “¢  Modernize to satisfy current building code standards