Background FAQ

Why do we need this construction program?

The District’s facilities are aging and have not been modernized to meet current seismic safety standards.By strengthening certain buildings to bringing them into compliance with contemporary seismic safety standards, the District can reduce life safety risks in the event of a major earthquake on the nearby Hayward Fault. 

In 2004 structural engineers and community members Janielle Maffei-Tovani and John Sumnicht conducted a FEMA standard-based Tier I evaluation of District buildings.  Based on the results of this evaluation, the District retained ATI Architects & Engineers to perform the next level of evaluation  and study the accessibility of all District buildings.  In 2005, ATI made a series of recommendations that became the basis of the District’s Seismic Safety Bond Program. 

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How did the District determine that it needs to sell $56 million in general obligation bond funds to complete this program?  

The District retained Vila Construction to develop cost estimates based on the engineering studies and formal recommendations made by ATI.  Vila Construction’s   estimates, which are set forth below, served as the basis for the bond authorization estimate. 

Havens Elem Main classroom building & annex Rehabilitate, reconstruct, or replace $13.0 M
PHS 30’s/Library Buildings Rehabilitate, reconstruct, or replace $2.8 M
PHS Student Center Rehabilitate, reconstruct, or replace $1.3 M
Wildwood Elem Auditorium & 30’s Vintage Rooms Rehabilitate or reconstruct $2.2 M
Beach Elem Auditorium & 30’s Vintage Rooms Rehabilitate or reconstruct $2.9 M
PHS Alan Harvey Theatre Rehabilitate, reconstruct, or replace $5.4 M
Havens Auditorium Rehabilitate, reconstruct, or replace $3.4 M
PMS Buildings/Campus ADA compliance $5.0 M
PHS Buildings/Campus ADA compliance $5.0 M
    Sub-total $41.0 M
    Escalation/Contingency – 35% $15.0 M
    Total Estimate $56.0 M

Sources: Memo to Board, Summary of Seismic Risk Reduction Program, 11/29/05
Rating Presentation to Moody’s Investors Service by KNN, 6/30/06

The entire cost of the Seismic Safety Program is likely to exceed $56 million, as the District is eligible for State matching funds for certain seismic safety improvements and facilities modernization.  Although the total cost of the Program will exceed $56 million, the total amount of bonds sold will not exceed and may be less than the $56 million authorized by voters.

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What are the priorities for spending the Seismic Safety Bond funds?

Based on the findings and recommendations made by ATI, the District established the following priorities for establishing the timing and order of the construction under the Seismic Safety Bond Program:

Priority #1
Havens Main Building & Annex
PHS 30’s Building
PHS Student Center

Priority #2
Beach 1930’s Buildings
Wildwood 1930’s Buildings
Havens Ellen Driscoll Auditorium
PHS Alan Harvey Theatre

Priority #3
PMS Main Building
PHS Building & Campus Access
Maintenance Facilities

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