Administrative Team

The PUSD Administrative Team members who will be most involved in the bond project include the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, and all School Principals. 

The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services play a central role in the administrative management of the program.Their responsibilities include:

  • Assess the District’s short and long-term facility needs
  • Oversee the preparation of bids and award of contracts
  • Supervise the implementation of the District’s building program in accordance with Board policy, and state and local requirements, including:
    • collaboration with the architect and contractor on the construction of new facilities and modernization of existing facilities
    • collaboration with staff, community, committees, and parents
  • Represent the District in official governmental interactions related to the building program, including:
    • Division of the State Architect
    • Office of Public School Construction
    • State Allocation Board
    • Department of Education

The Principal of the school plays an active role in coordinating communications between the school, Program Management Team, Superintendent, and Board, to ensure that the current and future needs of the school are integrated into all project planning.The Principal’s responsibilities include:

  • Represent the school community in conveying what its educational needs are, and information about the school structure and its current limitations.
  • Work with the Public Engagement Committee and the Center for Collaborative Policy in planning and organizing meetings with staff, parents, and community.
  • Participate in Technical Advisory and Steering Committee meetings where appropriate.
  • Provide staff, students, and parents with news, meetings, and decisions that will affect the school.

Members of the Administrative Team include:

Superintendent Constance Hubbard
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services Michael Brady
Beach Principal Julie Valdez
Havens Principal Tery Susman
Wildwood Principal Carol Cramer / Cece Lasky
PMS Principal Jeanne Donovan
PHS Principal Randall Booker
MHS Principal Jamie Adams

Additional information about the school district is available on the Piedmont Unified School District’s website.