Citizens’ Oversight Committee

As provided in Education Code Section 15278, the role of the Seismic Safety Bond Program Citizens’ Oversight Committee is to inform the public concerning the expenditure of revenues received from $56 million in bond sales.The 12-member Oversight Committee is comprised of individuals from local businesses, senior citizen organizations, organizations involved with schools, a bona fide tax payers’ organization, legal, technical, and financial advisors, as well as involved parents of children residing in the Piedmont Unified School District.

Current Committee Roster

Cory Smegal Community Committee Member
Phillip Cardon Community Committee Member
Dana Serleth Community Committee Member
Nava Shaham Community Committee Member
Ward Lindenmayer Community Committee Member
Grier Graff Chair, Community Committee Member
Kenneth Jensen Community Committee Member
Rob Hendrickson Community Committee Member
William Drum Community Committee Member
Constance Hubbard Superintendent
Michael Brady Asst.Superintendent, Business Services
Roy Tolles Board Member Liaison
Richard Raushenbush Board Member Liaison
David Burke Consultant, Manager, Seismic Safety Bond Program
John Nelson Consultant, Murakami/Nelson Architects
Richard Vila Consultant, Vila Construction Company

The Oversight Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare an annual report to the community about the management and expenditures of bond funds.
  • Make physical inspections of bond program projects during construction.
  • Review related District documents to gather information for the preparation of reports to the community.
  • Review required annual independent financial and performance audits of bond program projects as required by Proposition 39.
  • Report to the Board of Education annually on the activities of the committee.

Establishment and Purpose
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Annual Reports