PUSD Bond Program Update: January 12, 2007

  • While school buildings were vacant over the Winter Break, technical engineering work continued in earnest at HavensElementary School and PiedmontHigh School.
  • Murakami/Nelson is conducting a Tier II quantitative structural analysis of Havens Elementary School, and re-creating drawings for the PHS Library/30’s Building in order to begin a Tier II analysis for PHS.
  • The Board authorized the Superintendent to begin contract negotiations with two separate firms for peer review services on the Havens and PHS projects (one firm per school).The Superintendent is authorized to prepare purchase orders, at an amount not to exceed $20,000 per firm, to initiate work immediately while the contract negotiations are concluded.
  • Program Manager, Dave Burke informed the Board that on January 23, 2007, CPM plans to release a Revised Short-term Milestone Timeline which will identify when to expect technical findings and reports from Murakami/Nelson.
  • All are invited to attend a community-wide input meeting on K-12 educational program needs.

January 18      City Hall Council Chambers   120 Vista Avenue        7-9 pm

  • Learn from school principals what public education looks like today in the classrooms, libraries, and labs throughout the Piedmont schools.
  • The Public Engagement Subcommittee recommended that instead of the February 8, 2007 meeting to update the community on the bond program, the district wait until after the Short-term Milestone Timeline is released to schedule further public input meetings.  Meetings will be scheduled once technical findings and reports are released.Updates will be provided on the website and via E-News.
  • A Board Workshop on State Funding of Seismic, Modernization, and Joint-use Projects has been scheduled for March12, 2007, 8-10 am, in City Hall Council Chambers.Program Manager David Burke will present information to the Board.The meeting will be televised on KCOM.
  • Through the City/School Liaison Committee, the school district is coordinating its public engagement efforts with the City and its Civic Center Master Planning Schedule.
  • Stay tuned for additional ‘News and Updates’ by going to: www.pusdbond.org or call (510) 594-2614.


    This update was posted on Saturday, May 12th, 2007 at 8:41 pm.