Havens Demolition Begins!


Yesterday marked the beginning of demolition of Havens and Tery Susman and many of the Havens staff and Schoolmates staff watched as the roof of the South Wing was torn off the building. Included in the photograph above are:  Ken Taylor, Karen Keller, Tery Susman, Webcor President Andy Ball, Melissa Costello, Designer Mark Becker, Freddi Robertson, Val Jew, Cheryl Vaughn, Mary Ann Benson, Chris deBlieck, and Carole Lowenberg. Demolition of the wings will be completed by this Thursday, July 3.

Webcor plans to install a webcam at the Havens site so that anyone who is interested can watch the progress of construction.  Follow along on the webcam here: If you would like to view construction progress in real-time, or see archived footage, click here and login with username “havens@webcor.com” and password “hav3ns6″³.

This update was posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 at 2:51 pm.